The Story of Morrison Law PLC: A Legacy of Compassion and Dedication

Kim, once an educator shaping young minds, took a leap of faith to become a key member of Morrison Law PLC, further empowering the firm's vision by becoming a notary. Chip, her husband and the practicing attorney at the firm since 2004, holds the esteemed designation of being board-certified in Estate Planning and administration. Together, they harmonize their strengths and dreams to deliver a unique legal service.

The Spark Behind Morrison Law PLC

It was a personal family experience in estate planning that ignited Chip's passion for simplifying this process for others. His mission? To preemptively ease the challenges many families face in estate planning. When Kim came on board, her teaching background instilled extra compassion into the firm's approach, aligning perfectly with Chip's vision.

Overcoming Initial Hurdles

Starting, Chip grappled with the broad expanse of law, yearning to find his niche away from divorce or criminal law. Kim, on the other hand, was faced with the mammoth task of understanding intricate legal jargon and principles. But with unwavering determination and Chip's guidance, Kim transformed these challenges into an opportunity to bring a fresh, empathetic perspective to the firm.

Building Genuine Connections: The Morrison Law PLC Advantage

Morrison Law PLC's philosophy pivots around personal touch. Emulating the warmth of their home, Chip and Kim strive to establish enduring bonds with families across generations. It's this unique ethos that distinguishes them in the industry.

Milestones and Moments of Pride

Among the firm's accolades, a recent collaboration with The Autism Society of New Orleans stands out. This initiative enabled them to reach out to families with special needs children, anticipating their future legal requirements. Chip's altruistic endeavors in the community haven't gone unnoticed either, earning him a feature in New Orleans City Business Magazine's "The Leadership in Law".

Going Above and Beyond for Client Satisfaction

Client contentment remains paramount for Morrison Law PLC. Their mantra, "Our goal is your goal," underscores every endeavor, from their annual "shred day" to their Thanksgiving pie giveaways.

Keeping Pace with the Times

While they value traditional personal interactions, Morrison Law PLC doesn't abandon contemporary marketing strategies. They're in talks with a local video company to amplify their presence on social media platforms, letting prospective clients get acquainted with them well in advance.

Making Informed Choices in Legal Hiring

Chip and Kim urge clients to look beyond just the price tag. By emphasizing the invaluable peace of mind their services offer, especially in intricate areas like Medicaid Planning, they aim to reshape initial client apprehensions.

Staying Relevant and Responsible

In the pipeline for Morrison Law PLC is an exciting venture to The American Academy of State Attorney's national conference in October 2023. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in their office practices, like avoiding plastic and using filtered water.

Technology and Future Ambitions

While currently not heavily reliant on technology, Morrison Law PLC cherishes the intimacy of their two offices, with no immediate plans to expand aggressively, preserving their cherished personal touch.

The journey of Morrison Law PLC is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and the deep-rooted desire to make a difference.

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