Papa Murphy's Senior Discount: Deals, Offers, And Details

Everyone loves and craves pizza - whether for purchasing in-store or via delivery. A senior discount for pizza may not be part of your regular diet, but it's a great way to impress your grandchildren.

If you’re looking for a pizza chain that offers senior discounts, you’ve come to the right place. Papa Murphy’s Senior Discounts are available in selected locations and vary from a percentage off to a fixed amount. 

Read on to learn more about their discount scheme, how to get it, and other ways to save on those delicious pizzas. 

Senior Discounts At Papa Murphy’s

Papa Murphy’s is a popular pizza restaurant chain present in 37 states across the US. You can get fresh and customizable pizza with a wide selection of toppings and add-ons. Each Papa Murphy's store is independently owned and operated as a franchise. 

As such, when it comes to discounts, each store offers its own version. There are some places that do not offer any discounts for seniors.

Here are examples of Papa Murphy’s senior discounts offered at various locations:

  • $3 off any pizza for seniors 60+
  • 20% off any in-store purchase for seniors 60+
  • 20% off in-store purchases for veterans and active military members

The best way to know about existing senior discounts at Papa Murphy’s is to call your local outlet and ask about it. They don’t advertise these discounts, and they don’t give out coupons. Visiting or calling to inquire is your best option for learning about these deals

Papa Murphy’s Deals Via The Take+Bake Pizza App

Papa Murphy’s Take+Bake Pizza App Deals

Another way to get discounts from Papa Murphy’s is to download and order from their smartphone app. It’s a convenient way to order from the comforts of your home, plus there are special coupons you can use upon checkout. 

These deals change depending on the season, so always check the app for their latest promotions. For example, you can get a second dipping sauce for free if you purchase one using the code DIP2. Another promo they ran before is a 25% discount for a $30 delivery order. They can also give out bundled products for a discounted price. You can also get better deals when you crave a Papa Murphy's pizza by using the app.

Additional Discounts Via The Papa Murphy’s MySlice Rewards Program

You can get more discounts for your Papa Murphy’s orders by joining their MySlice rewards program. When you first join, you’ll already get an instant reward. You earn reward points as you purchase either through the online store, the app, or in-store. The more purchases you have, the more reward points you earn

You can claim these reward points as dollar-off discounts on your succeeding purchases. There are also exclusive offers throughout the year for the most loyal members. On your birthday, you get a free pizza worth up to $16

Joining the program is free, so be sure to sign up through their website or by visiting a store. 

Other Ways For Seniors To Save Money On Purchases

Papa Murphy’s isn’t the only store to offer senior discounts. Countless other merchants across the country offer exciting perks for senior citizens that are designed to help them enjoy their golden years and pursue different activities. Whether you love baking, cooking, or traveling across the country, seniors can find perks and deals designed to extend their dollars. 

Check out these establishments that offer deals and senior discounts:

  • Marriott Hotel - best for seniors who love to travel. Get up to 15% off on selected rooms, depending on availability. 
  • Home Depot - best for seniors who love DIY projects. Save money by joining their loyalty program. 
  • Fred Meyers - best for seniors who love to cook. Get discounted grocery items up to 10% off every 1st Tuesday of the month. 
  • Ross - best for seniors who love to shop for clothes. Get 10% off every Tuesday. 
  • Kohl’s - best for seniors who love the latest fashions. Get 15% off every Wednesday.
  • Goodwill - best for seniors who love knickknacks. Different locations offer various senior discounts, from 10-25% off. 
  • New York Times - best for seniors who love to read the latest news. Get unlimited access to NYTimes online by signing up for a home delivery subscription. 

Seniors have lots of reasons to enjoy their golden years. Many businesses love rewarding seniors through generous discounts and attractive deals. Always ask your favorite establishments if they offer a senior discount. Some stores don’t advertise these deals openly but gladly offer them when asked. 

Always bring a valid ID that proves your age to claim these discounts. 

Are you looking for more ways to save some extra cash? Check out the Senior Strong blog on housing repair grants to know how you can save money when you’re doing house improvements. 

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