Cost Cutters Senior Discount: Hair Care Savings For Seniors

Published: August 27, 2023
Last updated: December 21, 2023

Seniors deserve top-notch hair care without breaking the bank. Thus, understanding how a cost-cutter senior discount can help give older adults amazing savings opportunities for their grooming needs. 

Senior discounts are price reductions that businesses grant to the elderly. Many businesses offer these discounts as a gesture of appreciation, allowing older adults to save on vital services and products. By providing special pricing and benefits, these establishments make essential services more accessible to seniors.

Cost Cutters Price List

Cost Cutters has steadily built its reputation on quality, consistency, and affordability in professional hair care and grooming. Here's an authoritative breakdown of their services and prices to make informed choices the next time you wish to be pampered.

Haircuts Prices

Navigating the world of haircuts can often be overwhelming, given the myriad choices and styles available. At Cost Cutters, simplicity is blended with expertise. Adult haircuts, reflecting contemporary trends and timeless classics, are priced competitively.

Kids, too, have their special section, ensuring they get the right cut without fuss. Adding to the mix are the shampoo and conditioning services that breathe life into tired tresses. Deep conditioning treatments are at the rescue for those needing a deeper hair revival. And if it's just a quick bang trim or a neat beard trim you seek, Cost Cutters has you covered.  

Styling and Finishing Prices

Beyond mere cutting, the art of hairstyling is where your personality shines through. Cost Cutters offers various styling and finishing services that cater to your everyday needs and those special occasions.

Whether a simple shampoo and condition or a more elaborate shampoo and style finish, the salon ensures you feel rejuvenated. Deep conditioning and the essential bang and beard trims complete the circle of comprehensive hair care.

Color and Perm Price

Coloring and perms have the transformative power to redefine your look. At Cost Cutters, you're presented with an exhaustive list of options. From subtle shades to striking contrasts, the highlighting options are tailored to individual preferences. Perms, too, vary based on hair length, ensuring that the curls or waves you opt for align perfectly with your hair type.  


Gone are the days when haircare was confined to the scalp. Cost Cutters' waxing services extend the realm of grooming. From refining the shape of your eyebrows to enhancing your eyes to removing any unwanted hair along the chin or lip line, precision and care are the hallmarks. The best part? You don't need to make an appointment. Just walk into participating locations and experience the transformation.

With a commitment to excellence and an eye for detail, Cost Cutters continues to serve its clientele with unmatched professionalism, ensuring every visit is memorable.

How Do Cost Cutters Offer Senior Discounts?

Currently, Cost Cutters doesn’t have a specific senior discount. However, they compensate with other savings avenues. Seniors can look for coupons and deals, such as those on SavingSays.com, to enjoy Cost Cutters services at a fraction of the price.

Benefits of Shopping at Cost Cutters with a Senior Discount

In the dynamic landscape of personal grooming and hair care, seniors often look for a blend of quality and affordability. Enter Cost Cutters with its senior discount—a boon for older adults who desire value without compromising service.

With various discounted services and products, Cost Cutters ensures that seniors save money and receive top-notch care.

Affordable Prices

One of Cost Cutters' defining features is its commitment to affordability. But make sure to consider these reasonable prices for lackluster service. Even with their competitive pricing, Cost Cutters maintains a high standard of service. Whether it's a basic shampoo and conditioning, a meticulous beard trim, or an elegant updo for a special occasion, seniors are guaranteed value and quality.

All-Over Color Options Available

Gone are the days when hair coloring was a one-size-fits-all service. At Cost Cutters, the palette of options is diverse. Seniors can opt for natural shades that bring out their inherent beauty, sassy highlights to add vibrancy, or even the intricate balayage technique for a sun-kissed look. The experienced staff ensures that the chosen color complements the client, refreshing their appearance.

Joe Francis and Paul Mitchell Special Discounts

Aligning with elite brands like Joe Francis and Paul Mitchell solidifies Cost Cutters' commitment to quality. Through periodic collaborations, seniors can experience luxurious treatments at a fraction of the regular cost. This partnership ensures seniors can indulge themselves without a second thought about expenses.

Chemical Services Available for Seniors

As hair ages, it demands specific treatments. Recognizing this, Cost Cutters offers specialized chemical services for seniors. From deep conditioning treatments that restore hair vitality to corrective color services that address graying or color inconsistencies, every senior's hair need is met with precision and care.

Variety of Payment Options Accepted

In today's digital age, flexibility in payment methods is a necessity. Cost Cutters rises to the occasion, accepting various payment options, from Visa and MasterCard to Discover and American Express. However, it's worth noting that prepaid cards remain an exception.

Shopping Options and Items Offered at Cost Cutters Stores

Beyond its standout services, Cost Cutters extends its offerings to a curated range of hair products and styling tools. These products are handpicked, ensuring clients have access to only the best.

And for those looking for a bit more pampering, additional services like waxing ensure a holistic grooming experience. In sum, with its senior discount, Cost Cutters strikes a harmonious balance between quality and value, making it a top choice for seniors nationwide.

Coupons and Deals for Seniors at Cost Cutters

Navigating the vast world of haircare savings? Look no further. For the senior community seeking exceptional value, the guide on "Coupons and Deals for Seniors at Cost Cutters" is the beacon you've been searching for. As the cost of living rises, it becomes paramount for older adults to find substantial savings, especially in areas of personal grooming.

Cost Cutters Coupon Codes for Seniors

One might assume that without a specific senior discount, the savings prospects at Cost Cutters seem slim. However, that's far from the truth. Cost Cutters recognizes the importance of providing value, so they periodically roll out coupon codes tailored for seniors.

These codes, available during promotional periods or special occasions, offer discounts on various services, ensuring seniors can maintain their grooming standards without financial strain.

Money-Saving Deals on Adult Haircuts for Seniors

While many salons charge exorbitantly for haircuts, Cost Cutters has always been a step ahead in offering competitive pricing. Starting at an already reasonable $20.95 for adult haircuts, seniors receive an added incentive—a gracious $2 off. This brings down the price to an unbeatable $18.95, reflecting Cost Cutters' commitment to value and recognition of the senior community's importance.

Franchise Locations Offering Senior Discounts

The breadth of Cost Cutters' reach, through various franchise locations and hair salon chains, means diverse deals for seniors. It's about more than just a uniform discount across all stores.

Instead, individual franchises often introduce location-specific promotions, ensuring that seniors always have access to lucrative deals, regardless of where they decide to get their hair done. With this guide, seniors can confidently approach their next visit to Cost Cutters, armed with the knowledge to maximize their savings.


1. Is there a specific day when seniors can avail of the 10% store discount at Cost Cutters?

No, the 10% store discount for seniors aged 55 and above is available daily. Seniors can enjoy this discount anytime they visit Cost Cutters.

2. Can the senior discount be combined with other ongoing promotions or discounts at Cost Cutters?

The 10% senior discount is a standalone offer and typically cannot be combined with other promotions. However, it's always a good idea to check with the specific store location for any ongoing special combinations or exceptions.

3. How often do Cost Cutters roll out coupon codes, and where can they be found?

Cost Cutters periodically offers coupon codes, especially around holidays and special occasions. These codes can be found on their official website, promotional emails, or trusted savings sites like SavingSays.com.

4. Do all franchise locations honor the senior discount?

Most Cost Cutters locations honor the senior discount. However, since some stores are franchise-owned, checking with the specific location before availing services is recommended.

5. Are any specific hair treatments or products excluded from the senior discount?

The 10% senior discount applies broadly to hair services and salon products. However, it's best to consult the store for specific treatments or high-end products to ensure the discount's applicability.


Cost Cutters shines for its affordability and the breadth and quality of its offerings. From simple trims to intricate dye jobs, it is the go-to choice for many, offering premium services without the premium price.

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