The Importance Of A Care Plan For Senior Dementia Patients

When it comes to an understanding the concept of care planning, it's sometimes best to start at the beginning. Let's start at the beginning and explain what care plans are, what they include, their importance, and how they can assist you in providing people with the appropriate dementia care.

Understanding What A Care Plan Is 

A plan of care is a collection of data that concisely describes the services and support provided to an individual. Care plans should be developed and agreed upon with the individual they are intended to serve through the process of care planning and review. A care plan is constructed from personal statistics of care, which contribute to the individual's overall plan of care.

What Care Planning Includes

  • Acquiring and sharing the experiences of the clients with whom you work
  • A comprehensive examination of a person's areas of need
  • Investigating and debating information in order to determine what is most essential
  • Setting goals and deciding what you hope to accomplish through an individual's care
  • Action planning – What are we going to do? Who is accountable? When is it scheduled to be reviewed?
  • Risk Management – How can we ensure that an individual's care is as safe as possible?

Care plans are critical components of delivering high-quality care. Not only do they assist in defining the support and care workers' role in delivering reliable care, but they also enable the team to tailor the degree and type of assistance provided to each individual depending on their unique needs.

Care Planning Ensures Care Consistency

Another critical function or purpose of care plans is to maintain the consistency of care received by a senior loved one with dementia. When a comprehensive care plan is in place, staff from various shifts, rotas, or visits can use the information to provide the same level of care and support. This enables seniors to get a high degree of safe, effective, and responsive care in a well-led service.

How Care Plans Assist Care Teams In Delivering Care

Each patient is unique. A one-size-fits-all strategy is ineffective. Care teams responsible for providing care must always be aware and sensitive to any indication of a person's changing needs. This may increase or decrease, and it is important to ensure that the plan of care is revised and updated as needed, rather than waiting for a formal routine review to occur.

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