Traffic Chaos As Senior Citizen Takes Mobility Scooter On Highway

Written By: Charlotte Senger
Reviewed By: William Rivers
Published: July 29, 2020
Last updated: December 28, 2022

A senior citizen on a mobility scooter caused traffic chaos as he rolled out into the fast lane of a busy tunnel road.

The low speed, high stakes incident was caught on dashcam and posted online, where it’s gone viral.

Watch the incident in the video above.

It was filmed in the Julio Luengo Tunnel in Las Palmas, the capital of Gran Canaria in the Spanish Canary Islands, and the footage has been widely shared on Twitter.

In the video, the elderly man on a mobility scooter is seen taking up the fast lane of a busy road as motorists carefully navigate around him.

Unlike the other drivers, the older gentleman also appears to not have his lights on while travelling through the city tunnel.

The slow speed of his mobility scooter caused traffic chaos.
The slow speed of his mobility scooter caused traffic chaos. Credit: Australscope

The local authorities confirmed on social media that the police escorted the man, name and nationality not disclosed, to the nearest exit.

The man was escorted by police off the highway.
The man was escorted by police off the highway. Credit: Australscope

The Las Palmas authorities also said that pedestrians, bicycles, mobility scooters and other vehicles without licence plates are not allowed in the tunnel.

It is unclear if the police sanctioned the elderly man for driving through the tunnel on a slow-moving scooter.

Social media users were in disbelief after seeing the video.

Many sympathised with the old man, wondering if there was a medical explanation for his adventure.

Twitter user ‘Natalia’ said: “The man may have dementia or something similar.”

Social media users wondered whether the man had a medical episode.
Social media users wondered whether the man had a medical episode. Credit: Australscope

While others saw the lighter side of the unusual sight.

‘Federico Gutierrez’ joked: “But was he wearing a face mask?!”

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