Vacation Ideas For Seniors With Limited Mobility

Written By: Charlotte Senger
Reviewed By: William Rivers
Published: September 4, 2021
Last updated: July 28, 2022

Seniors are in the best years to set out and enjoy their freedom from work and responsibilities. It’s the time to set out exploring all they missed out on when they were busier. Of course, the trips should also be planned on the side of caution.

Many seniors have trouble with their mobility; however, that is no reason they can’t enjoy a good vacation. There are actually many vacation spots that are perfect for them and allow them to enjoy the surroundings without tiring themselves. 

We asked around for the best recommendations for vacations for seniors and have come up with an excellent array of tried and tested suggestions.

All it needs is some planning and their caretaker and they will be all set for a glorious and relaxing time!

“When planning a vacation for/with seniors, you must be very open-minded and mindful of the locations you select. This is especially true for seniors who have limited mobility. They cannot go on every trip that young people can, so you must be very careful of your choices.” says Cynthia Halow, “Some of my favorite places are:

  1. Museum and Arts Gallery

“This is a great option for seniors as many of them appreciate arts and most importantly, movement is a lot easier for them in these spaces.” (Cynthia Halow) 

  1. Beach

“This is a good idea as many seniors with limited mobility enjoy spending time outdoors especially because it isn't something they can do regularly. Even better, movement is easier and they get to socialize and breathe in nature.” (Cynthia Halow)

  1. River Cruise

“This idea usually requires almost no movement for them. They get to socialize, be in the company of various people from various races, and enjoy the view of the sea. They also get to limit their movement while having fun.” (Cynthia Halow)

  1. Games and Relaxation

“Places like Vegas are an excellent choice. There are numerous fun activities and little stress involved. They get to spend time doing activities that require no intense body movement and also spend time among people.” (Cynthia Halow)

  1. All-Inclusive Resorts

“All-inclusive resorts where they get to just relax and enjoy a lot of free time is a great idea. It’s just like a river cruise on land and they are guaranteed to enjoy the experience.”

Cynthia Halow, Founder Personality Max

  1. A Cruise

“A great vacation option for seniors with limited mobility is taking a cruise. Some cruises also offer senior discounts.. Cruises have great dining options, easy activities, shows, and can take you around the world with little effort. Most cruises have so much to do on board that you don’t ever have to go on land if you don’t want to. An all-inclusive kind of vacation is perfect for limited-mobility seniors because they can make the most out of it and do what is most fun for them, and there are so many things to do that don’t require physical effort.”

Brian Donovan, CEO Timeshatter

  1. Gardens by the Bay

“Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is a great vacation destination for tourists to explore a vibrant view full of flourishing greenery coupled with fascinating floral displays. Many seniors tend to be fascinated with pure nature, filled with beautiful, unique flowers and plants that offer a calm, serene environment. The Gardens by the Bay ensures that everyone enjoys the beautiful scenery, including those who require mobility aids.” says Harriet Chan, “Some of its key points features include:

  • Easy to-understand map with barrier-free routes is a convenient feature for users on wheelchairs or mobility scooters.
  • Affordable, constant shuttle service
  • Wheelchair rental
  • Ample parking space, clean toilets, accessible lifts, and automated doors
  • Free Lunchtime parking space between 12-2 PM
  1. Museums and Art Galleries

“The museums and art galleries are among the best and safest places to visit in some cities and towns. They have accessible doors, smooth floors, and ramps for wheelchair users. It is also a great option for seniors with limited mobility interested in deep history and the love of art. The best idea is to visit local small city or town museums rich in interesting arts compared to big cities.”

Harriet Chan, the Managing Executive and CMO at CocoFinder

9. Daytona Beach

“Daytona Beach, Florida is an amazing place and a place that I recommend to anyone with older parents who are having trouble moving around. It's a sunny place with beaches, arts, shopping and cars. It has many senior-friendly attractions, a nice atmosphere and you will never get bored.

“One of the most popular tourist attractions in Daytona is its beach and its senior-friendly. It has accessible ramps and surf chairs for no extra cost so that senior beachgoers can enjoy their time. Also, it has many parks, museums and historic sites. 

“Besides these exciting attractions, you can always go fishing, try golfing, or go for a walk on Daytona’s Pier. Also, Daytona Beach has great public transportation with wheelchair ramps and lifts. Some taxis are also wheelchair-friendly. I've found this place to be amazing for seniors and it's offering everything that you possibly need.”

Sandra Krstevska, SEO Marketing Associate Evopure, a UK-based CBD Company.

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