Ways To Enjoy Living Alone When You're Over 60

Written By: Elizabeth Kogut
Reviewed By: William Rivers
Published: October 20, 2021
Last updated: September 25, 2023

Once you retire, you are, for the most part- free from responsibility. If you live alone, it could be your opportunity to begin something new rather than fret over being alone. After asking around, we gathered the best ideas for you to keep yourself productive and occupied if you are a senior citizen living alone;

Start A Hobby

One of the best things you can do when you live alone is to start a new hobby, especially if it's something that can be done with friends and family members. Genealogy is a great example.

Genealogy is a great hobby for seniors living alone, lonely, or looking for meaning in their lives. Tours led by genealogists can expose seniors to new cultures and learn about different styles of living. 

Genealogy grants them the opportunity to make connections with people they may not have had the chance of knowing during their earlier years. Moreover, this hobby is enjoyable because it takes the mind from boredom and restlessness in a natural way.

Marc McDermott, Genealogy Explained

Cooking and Teaching

My grandfather is someone who likes to live alone. He doesn't enjoy the company. None of his marriages worked, and he has no regrets. One thing he does that keeps him a happy 72-year-old, lonely man is cooking and teaching. He runs a restaurant and gives out free meals to the homeless. 

In addition, he also writes his experiences in hopes of publishing that one day. He calls it; “A lonely old man's guide to freedom”. He spends all his time entertaining the guests at the restaurant and roasts young couples for giggles. He is nothing short of amusement. So, cooking and teaching are the two fuels that energize him.

Gian Moore is a Partner and Marketing Director at Mellowpine

Organize Group Events

Reach out to your community, your apartment complex, or organizations you belong to and gather people together. This can be done virtually or in person, and it should be organized around a common theme such as networking or dog walking, hiking, or an in-person progressive dinner.

Living alone affords you so much space and grace within your week, and layering in group get-togethers with strangers or amongst friends is a way to ensure that you are not only socializing regularly but doing so in a way that elevates and fulfills you. By taking a leadership role in this, you get to create something that has meaning to you and is also inspiring to others.

The people who attend your events do not have to only be seniors. Leaving room for a diverse mix of individuals, as well as those that are couples or singles, will make the group more robust and meaningful.

Be Curious

Living alone does not have to be lonely. This is your time to self-lead all the things you have always wanted to do yet have not. Take a class, master a new skill, teach or mentor, research a new business or side hustle, volunteer, or get a new pet. 

Innovation comes when you allow yourself to be in the moment and open to the process that unfolds. Filling your time with new adventures and giving yourself the time and commitment to lifelong learning and growth will support you greatly as you shift to living alone later in life.

Randi Levin, Transitional Life Strategist Randi Levin Coaching

Get a Pet

How does having a dog make living alone fun when over 60? Having a dog or any pet for that matter can be a really rewarding and enriching experience. My grandfather was never really the social type but having a dog has really made it easier for him to find like-minded people and make new friends. 

As you know, opportunities to visit family members and friends right now have been limited by the pandemic, so a dog has provided my grandfather with the friendship and companionship he hasn’t been able to get with other humans. To have a purpose in life is a very satisfying feeling, but as you grow older, you could say that life becomes less purposeful. 

With that being said, having a dog comes with its responsibilities, which allows older people to feel wanted and needed. A dog also encouraged my grandfather to be a bit more active and start doing more exercise by taking his dog for a walk or by going to the park. 

Finally, taking care of a dog or a pet can be a big responsibility, especially for older people, and isn’t for everyone. Still, if you don’t want to jump straight into adopting, you can choose to foster a dog/pet and see if having a pet makes living alone worthwhile.

Robert Cain, Owner of DogGearCity.com

Exercising With The Community!

Staying active to stay independent is one of many ways to enjoy living alone for those over 60. A wellness community provides accountability and encouragement while creating friendships, which is vital for seniors living solo.

Vivo is the premiere virtual + live small-group strength training fitness program designed specifically for adults 55 and older. Rooted in his determination to assist his own aging parents, Atlanta-based entrepreneur Eric Levitan created Vivo. 

Delivered remotely for working out in the comfort of your own home, the program focuses on building strength while integrating stretching, balance, and resistance exercises in a safe, engaging way. The unique program, with groups of six or less, allows for individual attention and customized workouts at a fraction of the price of one-on-one personal training.

Eric Levitan, Founder of Vivo

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