WellCare Pediatrics: Eligibility and Application Process

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Published: January 31, 2024

Wellcare Pediatrics offers comprehensive pediatric care from birth to age 21, integrating modern technology and personalized healthcare in Whitestone, NY.

The clinic's affiliation with Allied Physicians Group enhances its healthcare capabilities, providing access to a wide range of pediatric specialists and resources.

Wellcare Pediatrics emphasizes a holistic approach to child health, focusing on nurturing robust, healthy children through medical care and family empowerment.

Located in Whitestone, New York, Wellcare Pediatrics is renowned for its exceptional pediatric care, serving as a leading example of medical excellence in the community. This pediatric clinic, a vital component of the esteemed Allied Physicians Group, embodies the spirit of all-inclusive healthcare for children. Wellcare Pediatrics, which serves children from birth to age 21, is more than just a hospital; it's a haven where kids' health and happiness come first.

Fast Facts

Wellcare Pediatrics operates in a paperless environment using Eclinicalworks for efficient patient record management.

Comprehensive Care Across Childhood's Spectrum

The idea of WellCare Pediatrics is to provide children with comprehensive care that considers all stages of their development. The clinic has the resources to handle a wide range of health issues, from the vulnerable early years of infancy to the critical years of early adulthood. 

Routine vaccinations, vision and hearing exams, and the treatment of common and uncommon illnesses are all included in this. The fact that the clinic performs blood testing on-site, eliminates the need for outside laboratory services, completes paperwork for schools and camps, and offers yearly physicals are more examples of this all-inclusive approach.

Embracing Technological Advancements in Healthcare

Wellcare Pediatrics is at the forefront of modern technologies and operates in a paperless environment. Through the use of Eclinicalworks, a state-of-the-art platform for electronic medical records, the practice guarantees accurate, efficient, and seamless patient health record management. This tech integration demonstrates the practice's dedication to providing modern, effective healthcare while also improving the patient experience.

Fast Facts

The clinic offers extended telehealth services until 10:30 PM, catering to the dynamic schedules of modern families.

A Team Dedicated to Pediatric Excellence

The core of WellCare Pediatrics is a team of skilled and compassionate medical professionals led by the well-known Dr. Ibrahim Carvan. Every interaction demonstrates this staff's dedication to providing the greatest care possible. 

With Allied Physicians Group's help, they can access a variety of medical specialists and expand their expertise. This collaboration ensures the highest caliber and most thorough level of pediatric treatment.

Healthcare Tailored to Modern Family Dynamics

Wellcare Pediatrics recognizes the dynamic nature of modern family life and provides telemedicine services till 10:30 PM every day. This effort makes sure that high-quality healthcare is available even outside of regular business hours, reflecting an understanding of the difficulties experienced by contemporary families. Parents benefit greatly from this flexibility since it enables them to get medical advice and care for their kids when it's convenient for them.

Supporting Expectant Mothers

Wellcare Pediatrics offers expectant women expert consultations as a unique service. Dr. Carvan is the facilitator for these sessions, which are intended to address birth-related worries, provide comfort, and provide information about what to expect after giving birth. The smooth transition from prenatal to pediatric care once the baby is born is made possible by this proactive approach to prenatal care.

Fast Facts

Annually, Allied Physicians Group's network, including Wellcare Pediatrics, attends to over 180,000 patients, demonstrating a commitment to high-quality, comprehensive healthcare.

Allied Physicians Group

The largest physician-owned pediatric partnership in the New York metropolitan area, Allied Physicians Group, is affiliated with Wellcare Pediatrics, which greatly improves its healthcare capabilities. The company, which was established in 2006, consists of more than 35 pediatric offices with professionals from a variety of specialties.

This network of more than 150 medical professionals, who treat more than 180,000 patients a year, demonstrates a dedication to providing thorough, superior treatment. The collaboration with Allied Physicians Group not only broadens the variety of accessible pediatric services but also assures that a wealth of experience and resources backs the care offered at Wellcare Pediatrics.

Fostering Growth and Health Beyond Immediate Care

Together with Allied Physicians Group, WellCare Pediatrics has a goal that goes beyond providing emergency medical treatment. It includes a deep dedication to raising strong, healthy kids who are ready to become successful adults. 

This goal is accomplished by providing families with the necessary tools and resources for general wellness in addition to medical measures. An important component of the practice's philosophy is its all-encompassing approach to child health and development.


The best pediatric healthcare may be found at Wellcare Pediatrics in Whitestone, New York. Offering a comprehensive range of services and state-of-the-art facilities, its committed staff works in conjunction with Allied Physicians Group to guarantee the highest caliber of compassionate care for kids, making it a top option for families looking for outstanding pediatric healthcare. This procedure serves as an example of dedication to the health and well-being of children.

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