What Gyms Does Aetna Cover?

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Published: February 3, 2024
Last updated: February 23, 2024

Aetna includes a fitness benefit in all its Medicare Advantage plans at no additional cost, promoting physical activity and overall well-being.[1]

Aetna offers access to a variety of fitness centers through the SilverSneakers program and partners with GlobalFit to provide discounts on health club memberships.[2]

Members have access to over 15,000 gym locations nationwide, including major chains and local fitness centers, with the flexibility to choose from a wide array of fitness activities.

Aetna provides additional features like SilverSneakers On-Demand™ for online workout videos and the SilverSneakers GO™ app for mobile access to fitness program information.

The coverage extends to various activities, including group fitness classes, yoga, Pilates, and even dance classes.

Some Aetna plans offer reimbursements for gym memberships and fitness classes, such as up to $150 annually.

Aetna members gain access to an extensive network of gyms catering to diverse fitness preferences and needs.

Navigating the world of health insurance benefits can sometimes be perplexing, especially with regard to wellness perks such as gym memberships. Aetna, a well-established provider of Medicare Advantage plans, incorporates a fitness benefit into all its plans at no additional cost. The objective is to encourage members to maintain and improve their health through regular physical activity.[1]

This comprehensive guide discusses “what gyms does Aetna cover”, specifically focusing on their Medicare Advantage plans.

What Gyms Does Aetna Cover?

Aetna provides its Medicare Advantage plan members with access to a variety of gyms at no additional cost through its fitness benefit component. This benefit is mainly facilitated by the SilverSneakers program, which is included in many of Aetna's Medicare Advantage plans.[2]

Participating Fitness Programs:

  • SilverSneakers®: Offers access to over 15,000 gym locations nationwide, including major chains and local fitness centers. Members can participate in group fitness classes designed for seniors and utilize gym amenities.

  • GlobalFit™: Aetna has partnered with GlobalFit to offer discounts on health club memberships within their network. This may include various gyms with a range of facilities and services.


Additional Features:

  • SilverSneakers On-Demand™: Members may have access to an array of online workout videos that can be done at home.

  • SilverSneakers GO™ app:Provides mobile access to fitness program information and the ability to locate participating gyms on the go.

Members should verify eligibility and the extent of gym coverage as details might vary by plan and location. They can do so by checking their Aetna account, contacting Aetna directly, or exploring the SilverSneakers and GlobalFit websites.

Coverage Check:

  • Aetna Website: Members can review specifics of their plans and fitness benefits.

  • Plan Documents: Coverage details are also found in the information provided when enrolling in an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan.

  • Customer Support: Aetna’s customer service can provide a list of covered gyms upon request.

Aetna's Gym Coverage Options

Aetna provides gym coverage options through various plans, including the Medicare Advantage Plan, which offers comprehensive fitness benefits. The coverage extends to programs like SilverSneakers and includes access to a wide network of participating gyms nationwide.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan Benefits

Aetna's Medicare Advantage plans include fitness benefits at no additional cost to the subscriber. These plans are designed to support the health and wellness of individuals by encouraging physical activity.

  • No Additional Cost: The fitness benefits provided by Aetna Medicare do not increase the plan's premium.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Gym memberships and fitness classes are covered for Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan members.

Inclusion of SilverSneakers Program

The SilverSneakers fitness benefit is a key component of Aetna's gym coverage, offering more than just an exercise program.

  • Variety of Options: SilverSneakers provides access to fitness classes at all levels, online resources, and a community support system.

  • Flexibility: Members can participate in group fitness through SilverSneakers FLEX or work out on their own with SilverSneakers On-Demand™.

Access to Nationwide Gym Networks

Aetna members gain access to a substantial network of gyms that cater to a range of fitness preferences and needs.

  • Extensive Network: Members have access to over 17,000 participating locations across the country.

  • Discounts: Aetna's arrangements with premiere fitness benefits companies, like GlobalFit, can lead to savings on health club memberships and home exercise equipment.

Fast Facts

Aetna's Medicare Advantage plans provide access to a vast network of over 15,000 fitness locations across the country.

Maximizing Your Gym Benefits

Maximizing gym benefits through Aetna involves understanding the ins and outs of the offered fitness programs. Policyholders must know where to find participating fitness centers, engage in diverse and eligible fitness activities, and utilize available discounts on gym memberships to get the most value from their plans.

Finding Participating Fitness Centers

Aetna members should first locate fitness centers that are included in their plan's network. This can be done by checking the Aetna Medicare website or contacting customer service for a list of eligible locations. Participating facilities typically offer a range of classes and exercise options suited for different fitness levels, including seniors. By choosing a gym in the Aetna network, members can ensure their membership fees are covered or discounted.

Engaging in Diverse Fitness Activities

Taking advantage of the fitness benefit can involve more than traditional gym workouts. Aetna's coverage often extends to various fitness activities to cater to different interests and physical abilities. This may include group fitness classes, yoga, Pilates, or even dance classes. Engaging in these activities not only provides physical benefits but can also offer social opportunities, which are important for seniors looking for community and support.

Utilizing Discounts on Gym Memberships

Members should look into available discounts that can be applied to gym memberships or fitness programs. Some Aetna plans offer reimbursements for costs associated with fitness, including memberships and group exercise classes. For instance, a common offering is up to $150 reimbursement, which could apply annually. Checking the specifics of your plan will help you understand the amount you can save and how to apply these discounts to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for maintaining an active lifestyle.

Gym Coverage  With Aetna

Aetna's commitment to fitness and wellness is evident through its extensive coverage of gym memberships and fitness programs. So, what gyms does Aetna cover? From nationwide gym access via SilverSneakers to discounts through GlobalFit, Aetna offers a variety of options to encourage physical activity and overall health. Whether you prefer group classes, solo workouts, or online sessions, there's something for every Aetna member. By understanding and utilizing these benefits, you can make the most of your health insurance and lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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