What Stores Accept Aetna Healthy Foods Card?

Written By: Nathan Justice
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Published: November 15, 2023
Last updated: April 5, 2024

Eligible Aetna members can use the Healthy Foods Card like a regular debit card at participating stores.

The card is accepted at a wide range of stores nationwide, including grocery stores, pharmacies, and online retailers like Amazon.

The card covers various nutritious food categories, including fresh produce, dairy products, whole grains, lean proteins, healthy snacks, and frozen produce.

Members are encouraged to plan their purchases, use Aetna's support services, and take advantage of additional benefits like home delivery, special promotions, nutritional guidance, and wellness programs to fully utilize their cards.[1]

The Aetna Healthy Foods card helps Aetna members buy food at certain grocery stores and pharmacies. It makes nutritious food more affordable, encouraging better eating habits and health. 

Before using the card, it's important to know which stores — like Amazon, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, and Target — take the Aetna Healthy Foods Card. In this blog, find out the stores that accept this card and how seniors can get one

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It is important to maintain a healthy gut to produce positive neurotransmitters.

Participating Stores Accepting the Aetna Healthy Foods Card

Participating Stores Accepting the Aetna Healthy Foods Card

So, what stores accept Aetna Healthy Foods cards? 

The Aetna card is accepted at a wide range of participating stores. This extensive network lets members conveniently access healthy grocery and food items locally. These stores are:

  • Several online retailers, including Amazon, accept the Aetna card for eligible purchases. This means participants can shop from home. Plus, they can easily check their card balance through the mobile app. 
  • Stores like CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, and Rite Aid accept the Aetna card. These stores offer various health and wellness products, such as nutritional shakes and safety items. 
  • Many grocery stores, including Walmart and Target, also accept the Aetna Card. Participants can buy nutritious food, personal care, and pet food. 

Eligible Food Items for Aetna Healthy Foods Card

The Aetna Healthy Foods Card offers many options for purchasing nutritious food items. Here are some key categories and examples:

Fresh Produce:

  • Fruits like apples and oranges
  • Vegetables like leafy greens and other seasonal produce

Dairy Products:

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt

Whole Grains:

  • Whole grain bread
  • Brown rice
  • Oatmeal

Lean Proteins:

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Plant-based proteins like tofu and legumes

Healthy Snacks:

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Low-sugar granola bars

Frozen Produce:

  • Frozen fruits
  • Frozen vegetables

Remember, the card promotes healthier eating choices. With this in mind, focus on nutrient-rich foods that contribute to health and wellness.

Ideal Candidates for the Aetna Healthy Foods Card

Ideal Candidates for the Aetna Healthy Foods Card

The Aetna Healthy Foods Card is great for people wanting to boost their health and mood with good nutrition. It helps those:

  • Who wants to improve their mental health[1]
  • Who wants to buy foods with less sugar to steady and lower mood changes
  • Who needs to drink more water, eat balanced meals, and eat mindfully
  • Who is changing their diet for health reasons

Fast Facts

Dietary changes can have a slow impact on one's mental health.

How to Maximize Your Aetna Card Benefits

Your Aetna card is more than just a piece of plastic. It's a tool that, when used wisely, can provide many benefits.

Plan Your Purchases

One way to maximize your benefits is to plan your purchases ahead of time. Identify what you need, research participating stores, and buy strategically. This way, you can ensure you use your card to its full potential.

Utilize Aetna's Support Services

Aetna offers various support services to help you get the most from your card. With 24/7 customer service and a website to manage your account, it is easier to use your Aetna card.

Additional Benefits and Services with the Aetna Healthy Foods Card

The Aetna Healthy Foods Card does more than just help with grocery shopping. It gives extra benefits to improve your shopping and health:

  • Home Delivery: Use the card on sites like Amazon to get groceries delivered. This is great for people who can't easily leave their homes or are very busy.
  • Deals and Discounts: Keep an eye out for special deals and discounts just for card users. This can save you money on healthy foods and wellness items.
  • Nutritional Advice: Some stores give advice on nutrition, helping you choose the best foods for your health.
  • Wellness Programs: The card connects to wider health programs that provide tips on staying fit and eating right.

These additionals make getting healthy food simpler and support your health goals.

Fast Facts

Some participating stores offer nutrition guidance and support, helping you make informed diet and health decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What benefits does the Aetna Card offer?

The Aetna card facilitates access to your health insurance benefits, including purchasing prescription medications, medical services, wellness products, and more.

2. What should I do if I lose my Aetna Card?

If you lose your Aetna card, you should report it immediately to Aetna to prevent misuse.

3. What is the future of the Aetna Card?

The Aetna card continually evolves, with new benefits and participating stores being added regularly. The future of the Aetna Card looks promising.


The Aetna card is a powerful tool for accessing your health insurance benefits. Your card can be your best ally, from purchasing necessary medical supplies to planning your wellness journey.

By understanding what stores accept the Aetna Healthy Foods card and how to use it, you can maximize your Aetna Card and its many benefits.

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