When Are You Considered A Senior For Medical Benefits?

Written By: Charlotte Senger
Reviewed By: William Rivers
Published: September 8, 2021
Last updated: March 30, 2023

Many people debate about what age you are considered a senior citizen. While answers may differ, one thing remains — you can receive a range of benefits. Medicare, which is one of the most popular health insurance programs in the US, requires individuals to be at least 65 years old to avail of these benefits.

This is a federal program and you need to have worked full-time for at least ten years. There are four different Medicare parts, that cover the following:

  • Part A: Hospitalization, hospice stays, skilled nursing care
  • Part B: Outpatient services, surgeries, doctors’ visits, medical equipment, mental health
  • Part C: Enrollment in Medicare health plans
  • Part D: Prescription drugs

If you have Medicare coverage, the amounts to pay will depend on the type of care you need, which coverage option you choose, other insurance policies you have, and doctors’ fees. 

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