Benefits of A Sit Down Bathtub Shower for Seniors

For seniors with mobility issues, entering a tub and taking a long soak can be a dangerous prospect. Slippery floors and tall barriers can cause dangerous falls and head injuries, even with additional assistance. On the other hand, a heavy door can also act as a barrier to ensure a relaxing ritual.

The benefits of walk-in tubs for the elderly are numerous. For instance, the low entryway allows for barrier-free bathing, and anyone can use it independently. In addition, safety features like grab bars and a comfortable seat provide added safety for seniors. However, for those who like to rinse and soak, a sit-down bathtub combined with a head attachment provides the ideal solution.

Why Sit Down Bathtubs Are Great for Seniors

Like walk-in tubs, a sit-down tub can be a sound home investment for many reasons. Unlike a stand-up shower, a soaking tub can be a lot more comfortable compared to standard models. The ability to fine-tune water temperature, access hydrotherapy jets, and having the choice to take a quick rinse are some of the many pros of a walk-in bath for family members.

They Are Helpful For Those With Limited Mobility And Space

Often, tubs can take up too much room for those who love bathing. A walk-in tub that provides access to a showerhead can fit in a smaller home. In addition, many tub models have safety features like anti-scald valves, slip-resistant covering, and grab bars for older parents. Some tubs may even have emergency switches for those with mobility issues, along with self-cleaning systems for ease of use.

They Can Soothe Some Skin Conditions

Another one of the pros of a walk-in tub is how it can ease the dry skin of a senior that suffers from issues like eczema. The National Eczema Association suggests that taking a warm bath in a walk-in tub can relieve skin conditions more effectively because the water can soak into the skin. This comes in handy for those who suffer from skin friction from wheelchairs or long periods of inactivity.

They Can Improve Symptoms Of Depression

Taking a hot bath in a walk-in bathtub can also potentially alleviate the symptoms of depression, according to a small study published in the New Scientist. The study found that taking an afternoon bath twice a week can lead to a positive mood boost, similar to the impact of physical exercise. This shows how tubs are especially helpful for elders who struggle to walk and have mood disorders.

They Can Improve Circulation And Heart Health

Another benefit of a walk-in bathtub is that it promotes cardiovascular health for the bather. Unlike in showers, a tub enables the blood to return to the heart more easily through water pressure. Over time, this can lead to an improvement in blood vessel dilation and the strength of the heart to pump blood. This shows how walk-in tubs can relieve hypertension while preventing arrhythmias in the elderly.

They Can Promote Relaxation And Improve Sleep Quality

Whether you're into showering or bathing, a walk-in bathtub combo has all the features you need. When people are immersed in warm water, this can have a stabilizing effect on our circadian rhythms, making our sleep and wake cycle more regular. This can be helpful for those who suffer from insomnia, helping them fall asleep faster and stay asleep. Using lavender-scented products can also be helpful.

They Can Prevent Serious Slips And Falls

While improving the bathing experience, walk-in tubs can also reduce the number of slips and falls on flooring. They are designed to eliminate hazards found in many home bathrooms, justifying the rather high tub cost. Having these safety features is one of the major pros of investing in walk-in tubs, as opposed to potentially paying the high price of a hospital visit.

Many companies are responding to the needs of the elderly by creating walk-in tubs that improve the bathing experience for those with limited balance and mobility, especially when the floor is covered in water. A door can easily move and break, but a walk-in bath combo removes this common obstacle in homes.

They Can Boost A Home's Overall Value

Although one of the cons of walk-in tubs is their relatively high prices, one of the pros is that it can increase a home's value. Walk-in tubs are highly desirable in a retirement community, which can be something to consider if you plan on reselling your home.

Older adults will appreciate the safety features and added comfort of walk-in tubs, especially if the water heater is already installed along with a seat. This means that you can get a long-term return on walk-in tubs, which is one of the major benefits to consider.

They Provide Versatility And Cost Savings

A walk-in tub hybrid provides anyone with the best of both worlds. This is because installing two different fixtures like a walk-in shower and a tub can be more expensive than investing in a single walk-in tub with all the features you need. Instead of choosing one over the other, walk-in tubs with a detachable head can give you comfort and accessibility in one convenient package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are sit-down baths good?

Sitting in a warm water bath can be an excellent way to promote the healing of many treatments such as hemorrhoids and constipation. However, this treatment should not replace any prescribed medication but rather work alongside them.

How much is a walk-in tub with a shower?

The cost of bathtubs can be staggering, but installing one is a sure way to give your bathroom that sleek and modern look. The average homeowner pays $5,500 for professionally installed walk-in bathtubs, and ranges between $4K-$8.5K depending on size and features desired by homeowners; otherwise expect to pay around $2K-$7K just for the unit itself!

How long should you stay in a bath?

Keeping a bath under 30 minutes is the safest bet when looking to avoid severe dryness in your skin.

What are the pros and cons of a walk-in tub?

Walk-in tubs provide a deeper water depth compared to traditional bathtubs. Because there is no need to step over a tall wall, you are able to enjoy this deep soak without the worry of an accidental slip and fall! However, with such advantages come one potential disadvantage: it takes longer for it to fill up or drain down due in part to having doors on the side rather than at its base as seen in traditional models.

How do you get an old person out of the bathtub?

The best way for elders to get out of the bathtub safely is by sitting on one side and pulling themselves up with their hands. From this position, they can push up onto their knees using both sides of the tub as leverage and then stand from there!

The bottom line is that the pros majorly outweigh the cons if you're thinking about buying a walk-in tub hybrid for your bathroom. With all the benefits like easy door access, wide seating, safety rails, and massage jets, it's a luxurious investment that you won't regret.

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