Bi-Mart Senior Discount Day: What To Expect

Bi-Mart is a private, employee-owned retailer chain located in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. There are about 80 locations that are accessible only to members who pay a $5 lifetime membership fee. 

Bi-Mart Senior Discounts For Shoppers

Unfortunately, unlike other retail chains, there is no specific Bi-Mart Senior Discount Day to look forward to. However, the retail chain offers many discounts and low prices that seniors and their loved ones can take advantage of. 

Bi-Mart Discounts For Shoppers

Even if seniors don’t get special discounts at Bi-Mart, the retail chain offers the following deals to its members:

Lucky Number Tuesday

Every Tuesday, Bi-Mart randomly selects membership numbers and gives up to $1,000,000 cash prizes to lucky winners. On top of cash prizes, they also raffle off various items like TVs, cookware, packaged goods, and more. Prizes differ every week. 

Year-Round Low Prices

As a membership store, Bi-Mart relies on shopper volume to negotiate low prices with suppliers, and these savings are passed on to members giving them access to low prices. Bi-Mart sells a wide range of goods, such as electronics, fishing equipment, toys and games, camping gear, pet care products, groceries and beverages, home accessories, and holiday decorations. 

Do you love the outdoors? Cascade Farm and Outdoor is also part of the Bi-Mart family so that shoppers can get discounts from the outdoor store. There’s no shortage of items you can enjoy from Bi-Mart, so membership is worth it. 

Special Discounted Items

Bi-Mart also participates in traditional sale events like Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays. They run promotions every month, and members hear of these first through their email newsletter and monthly savings books. Signing up for their newsletter gives subscribers access to exclusive coupons and deals. 

The store also has an online platform with online-exclusive special deals. If you time your purchases right, you can enjoy substantial savings while shopping at the retail chain. 

Alternatives To Bi-Mart Senior Discount Day

It may be disheartening to find out that Bi-Mart doesn’t offer special discounts for seniors, but plenty of other retailers have them. You can check these out to get the senior privilege when shopping. 

Every store has different eligibility conditions, so check out the rules to ensure you get your discount. A common requirement of these stores is a valid ID showing that you meet the senior criteria. Some senior discounts are exclusively available for in-store purchases, while others can be enjoyed even for online purchases. 

Also, not all items can be eligible for discounts, and different stores have specific exclusions. A good rule of thumb is to check their website or ask the cashier or salesperson before paying for your purchases.

Retail And Clothing Discounts For Seniors

Seniors can enjoy shopping for clothes, prescriptions, and accessories at the following stores:

  • Kohl’s: Get 15% off every Wednesday for in-store purchases for seniors 60+
  • Amazon: Get 50% off Amazon Prime Subscription through Prime Access for seniors with an EBT card
  • Walgreens: Enjoy 20% off eligible regular merchandise for seniors 55+
  • Rite Aid: Earn 5x rewards points every 1st Wednesday for seniors 65+ — rewards can be redeemed to get significant savings
  • Ross Dress for Less: Get 10% off every Tuesday for seniors 55+
  • Michael’s: Enjoy 10% off for the entire purchase, including sale items, for seniors 55+
  • JOANN: Get 20% off during Senior Discount Day for seniors 55+. Senior Day varies per location

Grocery Discounts For Seniors

These groceries and supermarkets also offer special discounts for seniors: 

  • Bashas’: Enjoy 10% off  every 1st Wednesday for seniors 55+
  • Harris Teeter: Get 5% off every Thursday if you’re 60+ and a VIC card holder
  • New Seasons Market: Seniors 65+ get 10% off on Wednesdays, while military veterans get 10% off on Tuesdays
  • Hy-Vee: Get 5% off every Thursday for seniors 55+
  • Fred Meyer: Enjoy 10% off selected items every 1st Tuesday for seniors 55+

The Takeaway

Sadly, the number of senior discounts has dwindled in the past years. Retailers have adapted different rules and eligibility requirements limiting the deals seniors can get. However, most retailers still have Rewards Programs and Loyalty Programs that aim to reward their customers for making regular purchases. 

These programs don’t have age restrictions, and seniors can take advantage of such programs to enjoy huge discounts and savings. 

If you research online, several sites may offer coupons to replace Bi-Mart Senior Discount Day. Be wary of such sites and carefully examine if they are legitimate. Some scrupulous individuals take advantage of these scenarios to obtain sensitive information and compromise your credentials. 

When looking for discounts, always refer to the official site of a retail chain or verify with their nearest location. This will help you avoid scams and unfortunate incidents. 

If you shop at Kroger's, they also offer Kroger senior discount.

Check out this Senior Strong blog for more resources on valid senior discounts available.

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