Can a Fiberglass Tub Be Painted? Everything You Need to Know

Written By: Irene Lefever
Reviewed By: William Rivers
Published: June 16, 2021
Last updated: April 6, 2023

Regular tub cleaning removes scum and grime buildups, but it does little to prevent paint from fading. Even high-end fixtures like walk-in tubs worth thousands eventually turn dull and yellow. 

If you want to restore your tub’s bright, brilliant surface, consider repainting it. Applying a fresh coat of epoxy paint on your bathtub will remove wear and tear damages like swirl marks, fading, stains, and yellowing.

How to Paint Your Fiberglass Tub

For best results, follow this step-by-step guide on how to repaint your tub:

Step 1: Repair Any Minor Damage

Remove visible dirt and damage build ups before painting your tub. Otherwise, you will end up with uneven layers of paint riddled with bumps and inconsistencies.

Step 2: Turn on Ventilation and Set Up Painter’s Tape

Wrap the surrounds, walls, and flooring with painter’s tape for protection, then turn on your ventilation system. Reduce your unprotected exposure to the paint chemicals.

Step 3: Paint the Tub’s Surface

Carefully apply the paint from top to bottom. Strive to create thin, even layers with little to no paint bumps. Although epoxy paint has self-leveling properties so the brush marks and air bubbles should disperse on their own.

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Do’s and Don'ts When Painting Your Tub

Do use high-quality epoxy paint. Professional tub painting solutions last around 5 to 10 years, depending on the quality of paint used.

Don’t use water-based paint. Keep in mind that water-based paint does not hold well against moisture—much less running water—so you should never use these on bathroom fixtures.

Do allow sufficient time for the paint to dry. Leave your tub to dry for three to four days, more if you live in a cold, humid area.

Don’t soak in your tub right off the bat. We generally discourage homeowners from soaking in their freshly painted tub—even after the three-day drying period. 

Consider hiring a contractor if you have no experience refurbishing fiberglass tubs. Yes, you’ll save money on fees if you perform the project yourself, but a DIY approach does not guarantee quality results. Focus on long-term reliability instead of immediate savings.
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