The Evolution of Thomas-Walters: A Glimpse into the World of Estate Planning

Thomas-Walters is a beacon in estate planning, offering unmatched guidance and expertise tailored to every individual situation. Whether you come with a clear plan or are searching for advice, the firm stands ready to navigate you through your estate planning journey.

From Litigation to Passionate Estate Planning

The genesis of the firm is as unique as its approach. Leslie's journey into estate planning wasn’t the outcome of a pre-conceived plan but rather a fortunate accident. What began as a simple favor to clients transformed into a passion, revealing that estate planning held more allure than litigation for Leslie.

Overcoming The Inception Hurdles

Every business faces teething issues, and Thomas-Walters was no exception. The initial challenges centered around establishing the brand and securing the first set of clients. Their breakthrough came when they decided to educate the community about their services, fostering growth and credibility.

The Thomas-Walters Edge

The firm’s competitive advantage isn't just about offering services; it's about providing a holistic experience. Their cross-state capabilities set them apart, catering to clients with properties in multiple states. Further solidifying their commitment is the 'Lifetime Lawyer' program, ensuring clients never have to worry about future changes and associated costs.

Celebrating Milestones

Thomas-Walters has had its fair share of triumphant moments. Opening their fourth office stands out, signaling the firm's commitment to expanding its reach and serving more individuals.

Unwavering Commitment to Clients

A testament to their focus on client satisfaction is the firm’s unique call-back guarantee. Failing to revert within a business day leads to free estate planning for the client. Their emphasis on forging personal connections is evident, with many clients directly accessing Leslie's personal cell number.

Staying A Step Ahead

To stay ahead in the market, Thomas-Walters taps into the power of community education, a strategy seldom employed by other firms in the region. This distinct approach not only creates awareness but also fosters trust within the community.

Choosing The Right Partnership

For those seeking services in the estate planning sector, it's essential to focus on the relationship. How one feels around the lawyer, the assurance of one's final wishes being honored, and forming an emotional connection are pivotal.

What Lies Ahead for Thomas-Walters?

Exciting times are on the horizon for the firm. With expansion plans, they're onboarding another attorney to cater to their growing clientele. The future seems limitless for Thomas-Walters, with Leslie envisioning continuous growth powered by the infusion of young legal talent.

If you are interested in the business profile of this firm, you can check it out here.

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