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Written By: Charlotte Senger
Reviewed By: William Rivers
Published: January 28, 2024

The WellCare Giveback HMO plan offers comprehensive coverage beyond basic Medicare, including prescription drugs and supplemental benefits like dental, vision, and hearing care.

The plan features easily accessible multilingual documentation, a 24-hour nurse advice line, and a user-friendly member portal for efficient healthcare navigation.

It provides a range of plan options and special needs plans, catering to diverse health requirements and emphasizing preventive care and wellness programs.

One Medicare Advantage plan that sticks out in the healthcare industry is the WellCare Giveback HMO plan because of its extensive coverage and member-focused services. This plan, which combines additional benefits with regular Medicare coverage, is designed only for Medicare beneficiaries. To help you better understand the WellCare Giveback HMO plan and how it can meet your healthcare needs, we'll go over its main features in this article.

Fast Facts

The WellCare Giveback HMO program offers comprehensive coverage that includes essential Medicare services, prescription drugs, and supplemental benefits such as dental, vision, and hearing care.

1. Extensive Coverage Beyond Basic Medicare

The usual Medicare Part A and Part B coverage is not what the WellCare Giveback HMO plan offers. It covers all of the basic services that are covered under these components, like doctor visits, hospital stays, and outpatient care. Still, it also covers areas that regular Medicare doesn't cover.

  • Prescription medicine Coverage: The plan's prescription medicine coverage is one of its main advantages. Because it can drastically lower out-of-pocket expenses, this is especially advantageous for people who need to take prescriptions on a daily basis.

  • Extra Benefits: Regular dental, eye, and hearing care are among the extra treatments that the plan covers. These advantages are essential for preserving general health, particularly for seniors who frequently need more of these services.

2. Plan Documentation and Accessibility

It's important to comprehend your health plan, and WellCare makes sure all the documentation you need is easily accessible and easy to read.

  • Annual Change Notification and Benefits Summary: These documents offer a thorough summary of the plan's contents as well as extensive information about any revisions that may have been made. They play a crucial role in informing members about their coverage.

  • Proof of Coverage: This paper delves further into the specifics of the plan, outlining what is covered, how to obtain services, and what kind of fees to anticipate.

  • Multilingual Support: In order to ensure greater accessibility, WellCare offers these papers in both English and Spanish, acknowledging the wide range of backgrounds among its members.

3. 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line: A Standout Feature

The WellCare Giveback HMO plan's 24-hour nurse advice line is one of its special features. This service provides 24-hour Medical Advice: If a member needs expert medical advice, they can contact you at any moment. The advice line is a great resource for queries regarding prescription drugs or whether to see a doctor.

  • Decision Support for Emergencies: In order to potentially save time and prevent needless hospital visits, the nurses can assist in determining if a condition calls for an ER visit.

Fast Facts

It features a 24-Hour Nurse Advice Line, providing round-the-clock medical advice and emergency decision support to its members.

4. Additional Tools and Member Benefits

The Giveback HMO plan from WellCare is intended to offer comprehensive medical treatment along with a number of extra features and advantages.

  • Drug (Formulary) Search Tool: This online resource makes it simple for members to determine whether and how much their prescription drugs are covered, which helps to streamline the process of budgeting for prescription costs.

  • Additional perks and Discounts: The plan provides a number of additional perks and discounts, increasing the members' overall value. Reduced costs on health-related goods and services could be among them; this is especially advantageous for people with fixed incomes.

5. Comprehensive Health Care Approach

The WellCare Giveback HMO plan offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare rather than just paying for medical bills.

  • Preventive Services: With a focus on preventive care, the plan includes a range of examinations and screenings that aid in the early identification and treatment of health problems.

  • Management of Chronic Diseases: The plan provides participants with specialized management programs for diseases that are considered chronic. These programs offer tools and support that are specifically designed to help manage diseases.

  • Wellness Programs: To encourage better habits, the plan frequently incorporates wellness programs. These can include dietary advice and exercise regimens, all of which improve members' general well-being.

Easily Navigating Health Care

The WellCare Giveback HMO plan's user-friendly design makes it possible for participants to manage their health care easily.

  • Member site: Members can examine claims, schedule appointments, and obtain information about their health plans through this easily navigable website.

  • Customer Service: WellCare offers excellent customer service, which includes help choosing providers, comprehending benefits, and addressing any problems.

  • Provider Network: The plan has a large provider network that guarantees members can get high-quality care no matter where they are.

Fast Facts

The program ensures broader accessibility by providing key plan documents and support in both English and Spanish.

7. Tailored for Diverse Needs

Understanding that members have different needs, the WellCare Giveback HMO plan provides a range of solutions to meet distinct health demands.

  • Flexibility in Plan Selection: Depending on their financial situation and health requirements, members can select from a variety of plan options.

  • Special Needs Plans (SNPs): The plan offers Special Needs Plans that give specialized treatment and assistance for individuals with particular health problems or circumstances.


The WellCare Giveback HMO plan is a comprehensive healthcare solution tailored to the individual needs of Medicare beneficiaries, offering more than simply health insurance coverage. It distinguishes itself as a plan that genuinely attends to the whole well-being of its members with its broad coverage, extra benefits, round-the-clock nurse line, and extra member tools. 

In order to provide its members with peace of mind and an improved quality of life, the WellCare Giveback HMO plan offers a comprehensive approach to health care, regardless of whether they are seeking preventative services, managing chronic diseases, or in need of routine care.

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