Which States Have Senior Discounts For State Parks

State parks can be a great and economical way to get together with friends and family when the weather is nice and cool. What’s more, some state parks offer discounts for seniors, children, disabled individuals, or those struggling financially; if you are a frequent visitor there is also an annual pass available. These discounts can range anywhere from 25% to 75% off your entrance fee.

Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Maryland, Ohio, and Utah offer the best state park discounts. Keep in mind that there are certain factors to be fulfilled in order to get senior discounts. Read below to know what these factors are, as well as what these senior discounts can get you. 

States Parks That Provide Discounts

The majority of senior discounts offered at state parks are for those 60 years or older, although some senior discount programs start at age 50 or 55. There are even a few states that offer both a discounted rate and free admission to people over 70.

You can find a toll-free number on the respective state parks' contact information page for more details and assistance with this process.

Following are a few of the states that provide senior discounts:


Alabama’s day-use annual passes are cheaper for seniors, but keep in mind that their prices may vary by location. 


Day-use admission in Arkansas state parks are free, but campers will be charged a camping fee. Senior discounts are available for this fee as long as you show proof of age upon purchase. 


Idaho’s state park passes are relatively cheap at $10 for in-state residents, but as with Arkansas, there are camping fees. Seniors aged 62 and above can take advantage of this discount. 


Rather than offering day-use passes, Kansas residents can buy an annual parking pass that can be used to access state parks. The price of this pass drops from $25 to $13.75 for senior citizens. 


Maryland has the best state park discounts for seniors. Another state that offers outdoor perks for seniors is Las Vegas.. Those who are 62 and above can purchase their $10 Golden Age Pass, a lifetime pass that allows free access to all state parks and a whopping 50% discount on camping fees. 


Ohio does not charge any entrance fees for their visitors, which is a huge bonus in itself. However, their overnight camping fees can go up to $39 a night; the senior pass grants users up to 50% off on this fee. 


Utah is a famous RV destination, and its senior discount makes it even more accessible for those who want to visit. The annual pass typically costs $75 and grants free access to all state parks, but seniors can get this pass for only $35.   

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