Which State Has the Best Benefits and Help For Seniors

Written By: Charlotte Senger
Reviewed By: William Rivers
Published: September 4, 2021
Last updated: September 3, 2023

Old age is the time in one’s life when a person retires from regular everyday life activities and focuses more on enjoying free time. Fortunately, there are several states that have good retirement plans or benefits for seniors, such as discounts on items, pensions, and health programs. 

There are numerous states that provide benefits for low-income seniors in their own unique ways, but Florida is by far one of the most beneficial states for seniors thanks to its low costs of living. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of living in Florida, as well as the other states that are great for seniors. 

Why Florida Is the Best State for Senior Benefits

Living in Florida is the epitome of rest and relaxation thanks to its warm summers and mild winters. With 13 international airports, it’s easy to travel to Florida from wherever you are in the country. The state also doesn’t tax on retirement income and Social Security benefits, which means that seniors can keep more of their hard-earned finances. 

Florida is also well-known for its large senior population, which means that retirees have lots of opportunities to meet new people and get involved with the community. What’s more, this large senior population also means that Florida has several assisted living options and extensive healthcare assistance. 

Other States With Great Senior Benefits


The state of Virginia has excellent healthcare options for seniors: it has extensive access to hospitals, Medicare-registered doctors, senior living, and home care facilities. It also has a strong economy with low taxes, making it an excellent place to live during retirement.


Besides having fun in the sun, Hawaii offers more than just relaxation and enjoyment! The average household income for those 65 and older in the United States is 33.8 % more than the national average. Furthermore, healthcare expenses are 11.4% lower than the national average — making them unexpectedly reasonable.


Retirement in Georgia is looking more and more appealing. With costs for health care being so low, retirees can live comfortably without worrying too much about their expenses. Georgia is also one of the best states when it comes to senior taxes because of its excellent tax condition.

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