Best Shoes For Elderly Women With Balance Problems

For the elderly with balance problems, finding the right footwear and supportive garments can be a challenge. Poorly fitting shoes can cause discomfort and slips and falls. For seniors shopping for the best shoes for their needs, lightweight shoes, a velcro closure, a flexible leather upper, and a well-padded collar can offer better comfort and an adjustable fit.

Types of Shoes For Elderly Individuals

Generally speaking, elderly individuals should avoid high heels when it comes to choosing walking shoes. In 2019, the emergency department recorded 3 million visits for older adult falls, so the elderly with balance problems should look for a lightweight shoe that fits their needs.

Walking Shoes

The best walking shoes for elderly people have shock absorption to distribute the shock of your foot hitting the ground, reducing the stress on your hips and back. Having comfortable shoes can help increase your levels of physical activity, preventing and managing noncommunicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes.

Orthopedic Shoes

Custom orthotics can relieve pressure and foot pain for some seniors, reducing balance problems. These are well suited for seniors who have unique needs due to diabetes or arthritis. Moreover, elderly shoes that accommodate custom sole inserts can be a useful investment for most seniors.

Slip-On Shoes

Slip-on shoes are good for elderly people since they don't come with laces that can cause trips and falls. Unlike laces that can be difficult to tie for those with mobility shoes, slip-on types can make it easy to get your foot in and out of the shoe, especially if your feet tend to swell.

Velcro Shoes

For those looking for a versatile fit, velcro shoes often have a comfortable padded collar and can be used during most senior activities. They are very easy to fasten and adjust, and a dual strap velcro closure, in particular, can help your foot stay firmly on your shoe. They also come in a lot of colors and styles and have a breathable mesh upper which can be useful for summer.


Sandals are a good alternative to high heels for seniors. Look for features like a rubber sole, water resistance, velcro straps, shock absorption, and a wide toe box to increase comfort and ease of wear. It's also a good idea to avoid flip-flops or open heel sandals that don't provide ankle support for seniors. 

House Shoes

Indoor shoes for elderly people are also a good idea. Bootie slippers can provide greater ankle support compared to standard flip flop-style slippers that may be unsuitable for seniors. In the wintertime, thick sock slippers with grippers can provide added comfort compared to slippers with a rubber sole.

Choosing The Best Shoes For Balance

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing shoes for elderly people. However, there are a few factors to look out for as you browse in-store or online:

  • Shoe Size & Weight: Shoes that fit correctly can prevent blisters from forming or any foot pain from too-tight shoes, so there should be enough room in the toe box. Too big shoes may also be too heavy and contribute to a fall.
  • Heel Height: High heels can impact posture, balance, and stride length. Those with balance problems should choose shoes with a heel height of under two inches in order to provide greater stability and safety.
  • Comfort: The cushion and overall build of a shoe can impact how your feet feel over time. Good shoes should be able to work on both hard and soft surfaces, and you should try out the shoe on a hard surface as well as a soft one to check whether it works for all-day wear.
  • Arch Support: Everyone has different arches, so you should choose shoes that accommodate the shape of your arch. If you can see most of your footprint, you likely have low arches. If you can see very little, you probably have high arches. Insoles can provide a better fit.
  • Traction: Traction is key when choosing athletic or walking shoes. A sole with enough tread can be very slippery and cause slips and falls. Look for a sturdy rubber outsole to help the elderly with balance problems.

Best Shoes For Elderly Women With Balance Problems 2022

Choosing the right balance shoes can help seniors avoid foot pain from heavy shoes or loose-fitting shoes.

Product NameSkechers Performance Women's Go Walk Slip-On Walking ShoeOrthoshoes Women's Edema ShoesMEJORMEN Women Diabetic ShoesPropet Women's Pedwalker 3 Strap Slip OnNew Balance Women's 813 V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe
Shoe Size & Weight6-11 Regular and Wide, Light6-10 Regular, Light6-10 Regular, Medium6-12 Regular Wide and Extra Wide, Light5-13 Regular, Narrow, Wide, Extra Wide, Medium
Heel Height1.25 inches1.5 inches1.5 inches1 inch1 inch
Arch SupportMediumMediumHighMedium High

1. Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe
  • Shoe Size & Weight: 6-11 Wide, Light
  • Heel Height: 1.25 inches
  • Comfort: High
  • Arch Support: Medium
  • Traction: Medium

These Skechers shoes have a lightweight Resalyte cushioning, making them one of the best shoes for walking. The soles are very soft and bouncy and have a circular pattern to improve grip. The top part of the shoe is made of breathable synthetic material, and the toe is reinforced.

If you're looking for a lightweight shoe that can be used in the summertime, these slip-on ones are breathable and can be worn with socks and/or custom orthotics.

Comes in plenty of colors for elderly womenCould use more grip on wet surfaces
Slip on shoes have a flexible rubber soleBack loops may be uncomfortable
Lightweight and breathableQuality of newer pairs and older pairs may be different

2. Orthoshoes Women's Edema Shoes

Orthoshoes Women's Edema Shoes
  • Shoe Size & Weight: 6-10, Light
  • Heel Height: 1.5 inches
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Arch Support: Medium
  • Traction: Medium

The velcro strap on the forefoot makes this walking shoe highly adjustable, accommodating any changes in the degree of foot swelling. These shoes also have extra width and depth for those with swollen feet, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and other conditions that make it difficult to find appropriate footwear.

The rubber outsole has an air cushion to improve comfort along with the padded collar.

Good walking shoes at an affordable priceThe return policy could be improved
Velcro straps secure the foot in placeQuality may be lacking compared to other elderly shoes
Removable insole can accommodate custom orthoticsSizing may be inconsistent depending on your foot shape

3. MEJORMEN Women Diabetic Shoes

MEJORMEN Women Diabetic Shoes
  • Shoe Size & Weight: 6-10 Regular, Medium
  • Heel Height: 1.5 inches
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Arch Support: High
  • Traction: Medium

The uniquely adjustable closures mean that you can easily adjust the width of the shoe with the velcro straps. It is very easy to put on and take off, designed to provide personalized comfort for diabetics and those who experience swollen feet. Unlike other shoes for the elderly, it comes with extra insoles for better arch support in 3mm and 5mm widths to help achieve a customized fit.

Roomy toe box helps accommodate wide feetSizing may be inconsistent
Comes with extra removable foam insertsBreathable mesh could be improved
Velcro strap allows for customizable fit for swollen feetMay not be suitable shoes for the elderly with narrow feet

4. Propet Women's Pedwalker 3 Strap Slip On

Propet Women's Pedwalker 3 Strap Slip On
  • Shoe Size & Weight: 6-12 Regular, Wide and Extra Wide, Light
  • Heel Height: 1 inch
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Arch Support: Medium
  • Traction: Low

The hook and loop closure on this stylish walking shoe makes it easy to put on and take off for seniors. The twin removable insoles provide maximum customization and can be removed to accommodate orthotics. The neoprene vamp upper provides some wiggle room for toes, while the low platform and heel provide greater stability when walking.

Velcro shoe is suitable for indoor and outdoor useOnly comes in one color
Lightweight shoes are comfortable for diabeticsMay not be suitable as athletic shoes
Hook and loop closure can accommodate high archesBuild quality could be improved in relation to cost

5. New Balance Women's 813 V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe

New Balance Women's 813 V1 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe
  • Shoe Size & Weight: 5-13 Regular, Narrow, Wide, Extra Wide, Medium
  • Heel Height: 1 inch
  • Comfort: High
  • Arch Support: High
  • Traction: High

This athletic walking shoe comes with a sturdy rubber sole and dual strap velcro closure for extra support. The hook and loop strap provides a custom fit without laces, while the soft padded collar makes it one of the best walking shoes for seniors. It has a synthetic leather upper that is easy to clean and may be eligible for Medicare reimbursement for qualified seniors.

Suitable for those with high archesOnly comes in 3 different colors
Good shock absorptionVinyl leather could be more breathable
Durable rubber outsole makes it one of the best shoes for walking or athletic useSeam across toes may cause discomfort

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing shoes for elderly people, here are some things you should keep in mind.

Should old people wear shoes in the house?

Old people may need to wear shoes in their homes to minimize the risk of falling. Ideally, low-heeled shoes with slip-resistant soles are a safe choice.

What slippers are best for the elderly?

The elderly should avoid loose slippers with no back. Slippers with a back strap are slip-resistant and fit well to help reduce slips and falls. Check out our article to know more about the best slippers for elderly women.

Do podiatrists like Crocs?

While Crocs may be a good option for short-term wear and good arch support, they are not proper footwear for long-term daily use since they lack heel support.

The elderly with balance problems should consider investing in proper footwear. Generally, flip flops should be avoided, while shoes with velcro straps, a sturdy rubber outsole, and a cushioned insole are some good choices for a walking shoe.

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