How To Get A New York Times Subscription Senior Discount

Published: September 9, 2023
Last updated: December 21, 2023

The New York Times is one of the most respected news outlets in the world, and a subscription can be an invaluable resource to get informed on what's happening both nationally and internationally. If you're a senior citizen, you may wonder if there's a way to get a New York Times subscription at a discounted rate

Fortunately, there is. To learn how you can get a New York Times subscription senior discount, check out how you can qualify and what other new organizations offer discounts for seniors. 

How To Qualify For The New York Times Subscription Senior Discount

New York Times Subscription Senior Discount Qualification

The New York Times doesn't really have a specific subscription senior discount. In short, seniors get the same access to discounts as any other regular subscriber. 

However, the NY Times offers various ways to reduce the cost of a regular NYT subscription. Here are the following deals you can take advantage of:

  • Introductory Year Discount
  • Gift Subscription
  • Digital Access Codes
  • Home Delivery Subscription
  • NOOK Subscribers

Each of these offers has different qualifications and discount amounts. Let’s look a little deeper.

Introductory Year Discount

When you first subscribe to the New York Times, you get a special offer of $0.25 per week for a Basic Digital Access subscription. Billing is done monthly, so when you sign up, you're billed $2. If you paid for the entire year, you'd only pay $10 per year instead of the $40 regular annual rate. 

The Basic Digital Access gives you unlimited articles, videos, podcasts, and content from NYTimes.com. There's also All Digital Access, which provides unlimited access to NYTimes.com, NYTimes Store, Wirecutter, NYTimes Cooking, and NYTimes Crosswords. This all-inclusive access costs $28 per month.

Once the preceding year is over, standard rates will apply. Head to the NY Times Subscription Page to get the special introductory rate. 

Gift Subscription

You can get the NY Times Basic Subscription for only $25 per year as a gift. Other subscriptions, such as the Cooking Subscription, are discounted when you give them away as a gift.

The recipient must not have any existing account for the specified subscription to be able to redeem the code for their gift. 

You can purchase a gift subscription through the NY Times Gift Page. Gift codes must be redeemed within one year of purchase, or else they'll expire. 

Digital Access Codes

From time to time, the New York Times partners with special organizations and offers NY Times promo codes. You can also search NY Times promo codes on Google to see which organizations are running such promotions. 

These codes provide varying discounted subscription rates. To redeem, you must be a new subscriber. If you already have an existing account, you won't be able to redeem any access code. 

You can redeem codes by going to the NY Times Redemption Page.

Home Delivery Subscription

New York Times Home Delivery Subscription Senior Discount

You can get free NYT Digital Access with a Home Delivery Subscription. The Digital Access Pass is automatically included when you subscribe to the print edition. It gives you access to unlimited articles on NYTimes.com and NYTimes apps. You can also access NYTimes games, NYTimes Cooking, and Wirecutter. 

Seniors who are uncomfortable with technology and prefer the feel of a printed newspaper will benefit from the Home Delivery Subscription. Rates vary depending on how frequently you want the newspaper to arrive. Weekend deliveries cost $5 per week, while weekday deliveries cost $7.50 per week. 

To start this subscription, visit the Home Delivery Page and enter your zip code. When you've paid for your subscription, you'll get an email with the details and access to NYTimes.com. 

NOOK Subscription

You don't need a separate NYTimes.com subscription if you have a NOOK Subscription. You can link your NOOK account to your NYTimes.com account and get unlimited NY Times access. 

Unlimited access only works for the website. It does not apply to the NYTimes app, NYTimes Games, or NYTimes Cooking. 

To link to your NOOK account, visit the NOOK Access Page

Other News Organizations That Offer Senior Discounts

Aside from the New York Times deals, other major news publications also offer discounted subscriptions that help elderly people enjoy unlimited access to their articles. USA Today, Washington Post, and NY Post have discounted subscription rates that seniors can explore. 

As a senior citizen, it's important to stay informed on current affairs so that you can make informed decisions about voting, investments, and more. A subscription to the New York Times is one of the best ways to do that, and thanks to their discounted options, it's more affordable than ever. Check out one of the options above to enjoy unbiased news for a fraction of the cost. For information on grocery deals in Tarpon Springs, explore our dedicated guide.

Aside from news subscriptions, seniors can also enjoy discounts at fast-food restaurants. Check out this Senior Strong article covering McDonald’s senior discount. 

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