How Much Can You Get With A Harris Teeter Senior Discount?

Published: September 5, 2023
Last updated: July 1, 2024

Harris Teeter offers a 5% senior discount every Thursday for customers aged 60 and up. The senior discount can be used on sale items after all other coupons and discounts are applied.

Learn more about the requirements and policies of the Harris Teeter senior discount and other ways to save when you visit the store in this blog. 

Senior Discounts At Harris Teeter

Senior Discounts At Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter is a neighborhood food and pharmacy chain located in the U.S. It has 261 stores with a North Carolina headquarters. They offer fresh produce, groceries, and fuel centers in Florida, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Delaware, and Virginia. 

The store offers year-round senior discounts to help them purchase groceries for affordable prices. Seniors aged 60 and up can enjoy 5% off every purchase they make on Thursdays.  

To get a discount, simply inform the cashier and present a valid ID with proof of age. Seniors can also enjoy more convenient shopping with the ExpressLande Online Shopping pick-up, where the delivery fees are waived for senior citizens. 

Restrictions On Harris Teeter Senior Discounts

Keep in mind that certain exclusions apply to the senior discount at Harris Teeter. The following products cannot be discounted:

  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Fuel
  • Pharmacy
  • Tickets
  • Gift Cards

How To Save More At Harris Teeter

A senior discount is not the only way to save at Harris Teeter. You can also take advantage of promotions, coupons, and deals to maximize your shopping budget.

  • Promotional Discounts – Harris Teeter regularly holds special discount schemes and seasonal deals. You can check them when you visit the store or follow their social media pages.
  • e-VIC Digital Coupons – If you're shopping online, always be on the lookout for Harris Teeter's online coupons. This can save several pennies off your order or give you free shipping. 
  • Weekly Deals – Your local Harris Teeter store also runs regular weekly deals. You can check those out via their website or by visiting your local store. 
  • Harris Teeter Card – Get a one-time $30 statement credit and reward points when you purchase groceries with the Harris Teeter card. There are no annual fees, and you get more perks the more you use it. 
  • Military Discount – Every November 11, veterans and active military members receive huge discounts when they shop at Harris Teeter. They also get reserved parking spaces and only need to present a valid military ID. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have other questions about the Harris Teeter senior discount? Check out the answers below:

How do I qualify for the Harris Teeter senior discount?

You must be 60 and up to be eligible for the senior discount. You should also have a valid ID that shows your full name, birthdate, and address.

How much is the Harris Teeter senior discount?

Harris Teeter gives 5% off participating products as a senior discount. The deal is valid every Thursday and can be redeemed for unlimited times.

How do I sign up for the Harris Teeter senior discount?

You don't need a separate process to sign up for the discount. Just present your valid ID with proof of age to the cashier before paying. They will apply the discount on your purchases before you checkout. 

Can my family members use my Harris Teeter loyalty card to save money?

The Harris Teeter loyalty card is intended for individual use to maximize rewards and savings. While your family members can't share the same card, they can each apply for their own cards to enjoy the benefits of the loyalty program. This way, everyone in your family can save money on groceries and take advantage of the rewards offered by the program.

Other Ways To Save On Groceries And Food

Aside from the discount at Harris Teeter, there are other ways to save on food and groceries. 

  • Check out other establishments that offer a senior discount, and make sure to take advantage of them 
  • When dining out, always ask the waiter if they provide senior discounts 
  • Check government programs that offer food assistance, like the SNAP program
  • Shop from the Senior Farmer's Nutrition Program, where you can purchase directly from farmers using coupons and get highly discounted items
  • Consider food delivery programs for seniors, like Meals on Wheels

There are countless ways for seniors to enjoy their retirement years. Subsidized and discounted grocery items are just some of the perks to reaching your golden years. 

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