Seniorstrong.org Proudly Acquires Braysbrewpub.com

In a significant stride towards enhancing the lifestyle and well-being of our senior community, we are excited to announce that Seniorstrong.org has officially acquired Braysbrewpub.com. This union marks a new chapter in our journey, combining Bray's historical significance and communal spirit with our dedication to providing seniors with valuable benefits, including special food and grocery discounts.

A Stroll Down Bray's Memory Lane

Bray's Brew Pub & Eatery has been a cornerstone of Naples, Maine since 1995. What started as a quaint eatery in a Victorian farmhouse quickly brewed into a community hotspot, renowned for its delectable food, hand-crafted ales, and the ever-popular "Open Mic Night" every Sunday. Bray's has not just served meals but has been a venue where friendships are nurtured and memories are created and cherished.

Seniorstrong.org and Bray's: A Recipe for Community Enrichment

Seniorstrong.org is committed to empowering seniors by offering comprehensive resources, insights, and tangible benefits, ensuring they lead fulfilling, active lives. Our platform's emphasis on food and grocery discounts for the elderly aligns seamlessly with Bray's ethos of community and nourishment.

Toasting to a Brighter Future Together

As Bray's Brew Pub & Eatery becomes part of the Seniorstrong.org family, we are brewing plans to retain its historical charm while infusing it with new initiatives focused on senior benefits. 

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